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Q: Is this slot machine method perfectly legal to use in all casinos?

A: Yes. My method can be used legally in any casino in the world. Since you are using pure knowledge to win and not using any cheating or illegal devices you can’t be stopped from using my method and consistently winning with it.


Q: Does your method / system work on all types of slot machines?

A: My method is designed and developed to work on all kinds of slot machines that have real spinning reels in the traditional style. These types of slot machines are still the most popular and widely used in casinos throughout the world such as Double Diamonds, Triple Cherry, Red-White & Blue Sevens, Blazing Sevens plus so many more types of these kinds of slot machines.


Q: What about these new types of video slot machines?

A: No, my method is not designed or will not work on these types of video slot machines. These machines have video simulated reels on their face. Cause these machines are programmed differently they are truly one-arm bandits and still are much less popular than traditional style machines.


Q: Can I play any coin denomination machines?

A: Yes, you can play anywhere from nickel to ten dollar machines or even higher. But I always suggest sticking with the most widely available: quarter, halve dollar or dollar machines.


Q: What about playing progressive slot machines with these very large jackpots?

A: I suggest staying away from any slot machine that has a constantly changing top payout on it such as these progressive type machines. These types of machines are usually linked together with others to increase the jackpot payoff even faster so the programming design is much different. Also there are other non-linked machines that have the very own constantly changing progressive payouts and I would also suggest avoid playing them. There are so many playable machines on the casino floor that are regular traditional non-progressive machines to play that can be beaten.


Q: Does it matter if I pull the handle, use the credit button, or manually drop in coins?

A: Whichever you prefer. This has no bearing on my strategy.


Q: Is it better to play in the casinos on certain days or times?

A: No, it doesn’t matter which days or time you want to play. But I would suggest in playing during less busier days or times. For the only reason this way you can have a wider selection of finding any machines you want during your visit to the casino. It’s no fun going when just about every machine is taken. You go to casinos to play, not stand and wait.


Q: I live in a foreign country. Can you ship to anywhere?

A: I am sorry but can only ship to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. Also I make sure all orders are rushed out via First Class Mail.

The Secrets to Winning at Slots Machines

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